Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Love in the Time of Swine Flu

It's hard to believe David and I have been married for 362 days and we've been in Lubbock for the last 49. Life in Lubbock has settled down a bit since the last post. Our boxes are unpacked, my job is going quite well and David begins orientation tomorrow. I've bought a bike and have been able to bike to/from work every day (except when it rains and David drives me). We've visited several churches and haven't found a great fit yet. We're hoping to find a church where we can meet other young married couples and feel connected to the community. There is an art walk the first Friday of the month that we were able to participate in this month. We're told that there is also a great drive-in theater nearby that is really fun. David and I have been playing disc golf together on the weekends. It is a difficult course with several water holes and I've lost 2 discs to the water already! I've recently finished watching all 3 seasons of "Friday Night Lights"--so good! So now I've started watching "Mad Men"--needless to say, we're eager to make friends so I can get away from the TV! 
I've taken a few pictures of our living/dining room. You'll have to forgive me for not posting better pictures of the house--it's still a work in-progress to say the least. I'm finding that I'm pretty inept at decorating. You'll see below our living room needs an area rug, more wall decor, photos, etc. BUT it's home. 

You can see into David's office a little from this angle.

Thank you, Dad, for the print--it's perfect over our mantle!

This is what you see when you walk in the front door.

Living room

View from my office... I think you can see Canada from here.

My orange desk circa 1965.

David and I will celebrate our 1-year anniversary on Sunday. Here are a few of the highlights:

Best day ever.


First Christmas tree.
David's graduation from UVA
(I've 86ed the bangs since then--too much hassle)

While we were in LR in June, we decided to go ahead and eat our wedding cake at my grandparents' house.
It was still so good! Traditional 1st anniversary gifts are paper goods while a more modern trend is clocks. Which should I give David? 

Again, we love and miss everyone very much. We're already anticipating the holidays when we can reconnect with all of our friends!