Monday, March 12, 2012

We're Moving!

BIG NEWS: We're moving to Valparaiso, Indiana!

Earlville, NY to Valparaiso, IN

David has accepted a position as a Postdoctoral Lilly Fellow at Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, IN. His position will begin in August so we plan to move this summer. His fellowship at Colgate was fixed for 1 year, so we knew we would be moving this summer. David has been interviewing tirelessly all spring and it's great to finally know where we're going! Unfortunately, the Lilly Fellowship only lasts 2 years so we'll have to move again. This transient way of life is certainly an adventure! 

Valparaiso is only an hour from Chicago so it will be fun to be so close to friends and the big city! David is thrilled about this fellowship because he will have lots of time to write and even be able to create his "dream course" and teach it while at Valparaiso. I'll also be able to continue to stay at home with George for the next two years. They have MOPS, Chick-fil-a, and a Target in "Valpo" so I'm all set! 

We are so grateful to God for His continued provision in our life. 

Our Chicago Vacation/George's NY Staycation

As I previously mentioned, David and I had the opportunity to represent 32 Poems at AWP in Chicago this year. David's parents came to stay at our house and watch George while we were away. This was our first time away from him and it could not have gone more smoothly! George didn't seem to miss us at all. He had a grand time with his grandparents. They built forts, went for walks, built a snowman, etc. Here are a few photos from his "staycation":

Meanwhile in Chicago...

View of Lake Michigan from our hotel room
 Our exhibit table
32 Poems/Smartish Pace Reading
Some of the amazing food we ate and my handsome date!

Chicago was so fun! We ate at some amazing restaurants including Blackbird, The Bristol, and Big Star Tacos. We enjoyed trying foie gras, bone marrow (photo top right), rabbit saddle/confit leg (photo top left), sturgeon belly, and lamb belly (lower right) among other incredible dishes. How fun it was to go out and get dressed up every night!

We also enjoyed catching up with some of our oldest, dearest friends including Lauri and Aaron (friends from Lubbock), Heather (Lubansky) Garrett (friend from high school in Little Rock), and Toria Edwards (friend from Union) and her precious son Duncan.

George at 15-16 Months

15-16 Months
  • The big event last month was weaning. His last feeding was on 2/17 and he hasn't seemed to miss it. I can't believe it was so easy. He still doesn't like whole milk, but we make up for calcium in yogurt and cheese.
  • He has become increasingly more verbal. He tries to mimic us when we talk and it's so sweet to see him discover language. Favorite words are still hi, bye, mama, dada, papa, dog, ball, book, banana, sock, shoe, duck, cat, hat, heart, oval, sit, yuck, yum, and owl. 
  • He's climbing on EVERYTHING! It's a little maddening trying to get him to sit once he climbs on furniture! We constantly tell him to sit on his bottom and that he may hit his head if he stands up. So he walks around the house chanting "sit-sit-sit" while patting his head. 
  • He still loves books, which definitely pleases his daddy. He will sit in his room surrounded by books and just thumb through them for the longest time. He brings me books to read all day long, often the same ones. Favorites include Dr. Seuss's ABC, Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!, Runaway Bunny, and, of course, Goodnight Moon.
  • He uses some sign language still including more, please, I don't know, and finished/alldone.
  • He loves to squint his eyes and stick out his tongue.
  • We moved to one nap a day on Feb. 25. He started fighting bedtime a little and we didn't want David's parents to have difficulty with his sleep when they watched him. The first couple of days he was pretty sleepy, but he quickly adjusted! He goes to sleep at 1 and usually wakes up at 4 or 4:30! He goes to bed at 8pm and wakes up at 8am. 
  • What an affectionate boy he is! I love how he he hugs my leg while I cook! He initiates lots of hugs and kisses throughout the day. Melts my heart. 
  • Molars... he now has 3 out of 4! He's been a champ through each one. 
  • George recognizes shapes now. He will even point them out when we're away from home!
  • He loves somersaulting (with help). He will put his head and hands on the floor and stick his booty in the air. 
  • I haven't been too great about encouraging him to feed himself. I need to get better about that. He does pretty well, but always makes a big mess!
  • We've experimented with coloring. He isn't too interested, but he does try. He just loses interest and want to play with his ball!
Enjoying the mild weather on the village green.
George practicing some of his words.
George kicking the ball in the park.
Georgie giggling