Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toddler George

It finally happened! October 14th will go down in (our family) history as the day George walked for the first time! We were sitting in his room skyping with David's parents and George just took off! It happened moments after David told his parents that he didn't think George would walk before his 1st birthday! He certainly loves to keep us guessing. Find precious toddling videos below.

Today is October 23rd, and since last week he has continued to take countless steps. Does this mean that we officially have a toddler??

A few recent George-isms:
  • He loves to raise our shirts and touch our belly buttons while we change his diaper.
  • He eats his cheerios with one finger and finds it hilarious.
  • He has started loving on/hugging his stuffed animals, us, and even another baby he plays with! See video below.
  • He is able to recognize about 100 objects around the house by name (we've been keeping a list). Of course, he can't say them yet, but when we ask him where _____ is, he responds by pointing to it.
  • He loves to dance... the boy certainly feels the beat when music is on.
  • He is very interested in dogs. We don't have a dog, but when we see them on our walks he flips out. Our neighbor has a dog that George can see from his bedroom window, too.
  • Since we've started feeding only table food (plus 3 breastfeeding sessions a day), he has really fattened up! He is starting to wear 12-18 month clothes and size 4 diapers.
(Warning: Gratuitous videos below of the cutest little baby boy around... that's what the blog is for, right?)

George loving on his elephant
George loving on his Teddy

Sweet Kisser

He has my whole heart.

New York Visit

The weather was perfect during Columbus Day weekend so David surprised me by taking me and George to NYC for the weekend. He arranged for me to go out with some girlfriends from high school and we stayed with our friends, Katie and Elliott, in Brooklyn. We took George strolling in Central Park, David and I went to the Met, and I was able to catch up with old friends.
Atop the Met

Central Park
Pointing at boats