Saturday, September 11, 2010


Today marks 33 weeks and 2 days of being George's momma. Our life has been terribly hectic since my last post. David started classes in late August. He is taking 15 hours AND teaching 2 courses this fall. Absolutely crazy. He will be finished with coursework for his PhD this spring though!

David's parents visited over Labor Day weekend to help with the nursery and to celebrate David's 28th birthday on Sept. 4. It was the 10th birthday that I have celebrated with him. Here is a very old photo from his 18th birthday. I made cheesecake and bought him some Hemingway that day.

David's parents were so generous. They bought us a stroller and carseat, fixed our garage doors, took us out to eat, cleaned, and painted George's nursery (among other generous gestures). We are truly blessed to have such loving parents/in-laws. I will post nursery pictures soon once I tidy the room a little better. We decided against the wainscoting because it was going to be too expensive. It sure would have been nice, but just not practical since we're planning to move in a few years (or less).

David and I also celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary on August 23!

Our family dog, Ebbie (a Lhasa Apso), had to be put down on Sept. 4. She was very sick and lived a very long life--18 years! I miss her and will always remember her fondly. She was such a sweet girl. Here is my Ebbie girl:

George is developing very well so far. We will start going to the doctor once a week starting Sept. 20. At his appointment this past week, we found out that he is in the breech position, but will likely turn head-down (the ideal position) by the time he's 37 weeks old. Right now he's about 19" long and weighs about 5 lbs. It definitely feels that way too. He continues to be very active. I love the way it feels for his leg or arm to sweep across my belly. Have I mentioned that I highly recommend pregnancy? It is such a miracle to experience new life in such a unique way. 

Some of my Lubbock friends threw a shower for us today. We are blessed with many generous and lovely friends here. Enjoy a few photos from the circus themed shower: