Monday, April 11, 2011

Big News!

We are excited to announce that David is the recipient of the Colgate University Olive B. O'Connor Fellowship in Creative Writing! He had a skype interview last Wednesday and they called him on Friday with the good news letting him know he had been selected as the 2011 fellow! 

This means we are moving to Hamilton, New York this summer!

 Hamilton in the fall
 Colgate Bookstore
Downtown Hamilton
Colgate University

We will certainly miss our friends in Lubbock. This fellowship will not only give David the opportunity to write and work on his book, but I will be able to stay home with George! We are overwhelmed and so grateful for this opportunity. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


amyelizabeth said...

does that mean that you can come to my wedding?!?!? August 7th! hope to see you and so glad that you will be living closer to where I am when I come home!:)

Toria and Kyle said...

Wow! That is wonderful news! Congratulations!

Katie said...

I am thinking this is what you alluded to in your voicemail... so exciting!! I'm sorry I haven't gotten to call you back yet, I was in AR over the weekend and came down with a bit of a cold.
So glad you will get to stay home with George and looking forward to coming up to Hamilton, NY!

The Castles said...

How exciting! The pictures look like its a beautiful place!! I bet you will get lots of snow there! I am so excited that you get to stay home with sweet George! Hope everything else is going well!