Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Update

June has been such a wild month for us!

We're still trying to sell our house. We had two yard sales this month too--whew, what a task!

David is still watching George full time AND preparing for his comprehensive exams for his PhD. He has to read about 2 books a day to prepare for the exam at the end of July. David has also been preparing for the course he's teaching during the Summer II term.

Starting in the spring, David will be the editor of a poetry journal called 32 Poems. I'm going to help him as the managing editor which will be lots of fun. We are already planning a trip to Chicago in the spring to represent 32 Poems at AWP.

One of David's poems was just published in a beautiful journal called Willow Springs (issue 68). Check it out!

BIG NEWS! I turned in my notice at work and my last day will be Tuesday, July 5! I'm thrilled to finally stay at home with George and gear up for this move.

I went for my annual physical this month and learned that I have Hypothyroidism. The normal TSH scale is .3-5.1 and mine was 65! I will basically have to be on synthroid for the rest of my life. However, I'm told that I will feel more energetic after being on the medicine awhile. I can always use more energy!

George Highlights:
  • Our son is officially mobile! Today he crawled across his bedroom to dump out the basket of toys. I hope to post a video soon.  
  • George cried when I left the house for work for the first time last week... broke his momma's heart!
  • We lowered his crib mattress because we found him sitting up in bed!
  • After a trip to Urgent Care, the ER at 3am, and the Pediatrician, we learned that George had the Roseola Virus with a secondary strep infection! He was on antibiotics for 10 days. It was quite a challenge getting him to take his medicine. He's finally back to his normal self!
  • George has tried blueberry yogurt, turkey, sweet potatoes, brown rice, pineapple, avocado, plums, and apricots this month. He loved them all!
  • George had his first kiss on Saturday! He smooched our friends' 10-month old baby girl, Landri, right on the lips. It was too precious! 
  • George's 3rd tooth has broken through! It's one of his top middle teeth--he's getting so big!
  • His favorite toys are his books. He chooses them over all of his other toys most of the time.

Recent George photos:
Modest baby losing his drawers

Family naptime

Showing off tooth #1

Playing in the guest room 

Trying new foods

Poor baby in the ER

Pulling out his books... definitely his father's son!


Toria and Kyle said...

He is such a cutie! When are you going to be in Chicago?

Elisabeth said...

We'll be there Feb. 29-March 3! I'd love to meet up and meet your precious son.