Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Short Update (28-30 weeks)

28 Week Check-Up: I went to the high-risk doctor two weeks ago and my regular OB the next day. We received a great report! The echogenic foci (ECF) on their hearts has faded slightly and I was encouraged to hear that the right ventricle ECF is a very unlikely location for the type found in babies with chromosomal abnormalities. They said that it's still really hard to know about the club foot. We probably won't know definitively until birth, which is fine with us! The difference in their sizes has increased to 17%. They want it to stay under 20%. This is the only thing the doctors are concerned about at this point. I'll go back in two weeks to have an ultrasound and check on the babies again.

Now I'm 30 weeks. Tomorrow I will have a checkup with my regular OB. Will update after tomorrow's visit. I will likely have frequent non-stress tests and biophysical profiles in the coming weeks.

I've started washing baby clothes. Luckily I saved most of George's things. I also have been having Braxton Hicks just about every evening. Babies will be here so soon!!!

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