Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Long December

As one might expect, David and I have continued to be incredibly busy through most of December. David finished his coursework on Dec. 14 and has enjoyed having extra time to read and write. We flew to Chattanooga on Dec. 19 to spend time with the Clarks through Jan.2. Our Christmas was spent with David's family (including his grandmother, aunt, and cousin) in Chattanooga. We ate so much good food and enjoyed playing board games (especially Settlers of Catan). Christmas Eve was spent at the Chattanooga convention center where David's parents' church was having a service. David and Sarah (his sister) read part of the Christmas story on stage too.

When I awoke on Christmas morning, I could not find my cell phone to call my parents to wish them a merry Christmas. I searched the house thoroughly and did not know what I did with it. I finally asked David to call it for me and when he did my stocking starting ringing! When I opened my stocking, I found my new iphone! David and I agreed to not exchange gifts this year because of all of the expenses associated with our new house. He also told me several months ago that he would not get me an iphone  since I already have an ipod touch and a cell phone. Needless to say, I was thrilled and completely surprised by my gift. My husband is such a blessing in so many ways. 

Here are a few photos from December:

My first Lubbock dust storm!
Dust storm from my office window--crazy, right?
Our mantle at our house in Lubbock... no tree this year
The Clarks and Goldens on Christmas Eve
Doing the Memaw wave

2nd married Christmas together

David and Sarah reading the Christmas story

I was able to see some college friends in Nashville for an ornament exchange party

All of the Zeta girls and Shauna's precious baby Kennedi at the ornament exchange party

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