Saturday, January 22, 2011

Home Again, Home Again--Jiggity Jig!

I'm back on the blog wagon. The past few months have been extremely crazy, but wonderful! I'll attempt catch you up on our life since the last post. 

We took our little one on the road to visit our families, taking advantage of my maternity leave and David's time off of school. We left Lubbock on December 16 and returned on January 10. In that period we drove to Little Rock, Jackson, Nashville, and Chattanooga. He did so well in the car! Between Lubbock and Little Rock (12 hr. drive) he woke up TWICE! 

My view from the backseat during our trip:

In Little Rock, George met his Papa (my dad) and Uncle Jonathan for the first time and got to see Grandma (my mom) again. He also met his great-grandparents! 
George and Grandma
George meets Uncle Jonathan and his girlfriend Kathleen
"Papa" meets George
George meets his great-grandfather "Dada" and grandfather "Papa"
George with his great-grandmother "GrandBetsy"
George with his great-grandpa and great-grandma Lula

George celebrated his first Christmas in Little Rock. Here are a few photos from Christmas:

Trying to get him to pull the tissue paper out.
Not too sure about this...

The day after Christmas, we went to a "Sip 'n See" in George's honor. What fun it was to catch up with my high school friends and their moms! 

Babes checking out the babe.
Love these ladies.

While in Little Rock, my Dad captured some great photos of George smiling at his daddy.

After leaving Little Rock, we drove to Nashville to stay the night with our friends, Chad, Shana, and their son Callum. Some of my Zeta sisters from college met up with us for the evening. It was so great to catch up and meet some of their babies.

After leaving Nashville, we drove to Chattanooga to see David's family. While in Chattanooga, George was able to meet his great-grandmother "Mema" and his great-aunts/uncles Kathy, Tom, Lamar, and Lyn. He loved seeing his Mimi and Granddaddy (David's parents) and aunts and uncles again, too.

George celebrating the New Year!
Cuddling with Granddaddy
Bathtime with Mimi
 So cozy.
George with his Aunt Sugarbear. 
Can't believe we don't have any pictures of Aunt Julie and Uncle Luke with George.
George and Uncle Andrew

After leaving Chattanooga, we stopped to visit our friends (the Hussungs, Haydens, and Vailes) along the way. We also stopped to see my parents one last time before heading back to Lubbock. We stopped in Dallas and got to see David's Uncle Steve and Cousin Drew.


Since we've been back in Lubbock, David has started teaching and I've returned to work. Thankfully, David (aka Mr. Mom) is able to stay at home with George most of the time and we have a wonderful babysitter who is watching George while David teaches. George is very blessed to get to spend so much time with his Daddy. David is awesome with him. 

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Katie said...

So brave to travel so much with a baby. I'm glad I got to meet the sweet thing. Miss you.