Friday, October 1, 2010

October Baby

Can you believe it is already October? Yesterday marked 36 weeks of pregnancy. Babies are considered full term after 37 weeks--crazy!!! We are so excited to welcome George into the world this month. Everything is really coming together and I promise to show nursery pictures soon!

We've been seeing Dr. Casanova every Wednesday and this past Wednesday learned that George is still breech, feet first. If he stays this way, we will schedule a c-section for 39 weeks. Breech vaginal deliveries are only an option if the baby is bottom first. Dr. Casanova has recommended several interventions to try to get the baby to flip head-down. Most of them are quite funny and even acrobatic, including doing somersaults underwater, laying head-down on a slant board, playing music in my lap, etc. I'm going to try them all this weekend. We have an appointment with a chiropractor this Monday. He apparently has had lots of success turning breech babies. Please pray for George to flip in the next week or so!

Dr. Casanova also wanted to see how big the baby is and precisely what his positioning is so he scheduled an ultrasound for TODAY! We didn't think we were going to have another ultrasound before the baby arrives. We haven't seen his sweet face since the beginning of June. I'm sure he's changed a lot in the past 17 weeks.

We certainly covet your prayers as we prepare for the new addition to our little family.

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