Monday, October 4, 2010

Sneak Peek

At our ultrasound on Friday, we were so excited to get to see his sweet face again! However, he is SO cramped in there now that we could not see his face because his knees, arms, and hands were in the way! The ultrasound technician tried to get him to move, but he refused. We've been joking that he was wanting to keep his appearance a surprise until he's ready for his debut! In the pictures above, you can see his ear, hand (in front of his face as if saying "no pictures, please"), and a non-3D profile of him. As of Friday he was approx. 5lbs. 13oz. Babies at this age gain about an ounce a day. He's right on target, if not a little small. He is still a boy, too! His head is currently in the 50th percentile and his body is in the 38th percentile. David's been joking that he'll be a Charlie Brown look alike with a disproportionate head. Of course, we're just kidding and we know that he will be just right. I'm so glad his head isn't bigger in case I do get to give birth naturally.

George is still breech. Through the ultrasound they found that he is "complete breech" (see graphic below).
This is one of the easier positions for him to flip and we learned that there is plenty of amniotic fluid for him to flip in as well, which is a concern this late in the game. I'm going to the chiropractor today let him try his luck at getting George to flip. 


Katie said...

Oh my gosh - that ear! So perfect!!

Beth said...

I hope he flips for you! (And if he does, oh my know that is going to feel so weird!) =)

Julie said...

That little ear has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen. I've been crafting up a storm for George (although feel free to not use any of the things I've made). I did a "G" initial that matches the elephant art and I'm working right now on little hangers for his closet that match and divide his clothes into sizes. What do you think>